After Medical Billing and Coding Training: Medical Billing and Coding Assistant Job Shadowing

medical billing and codingJob shadowing during and after medical billing and coding training can make a big difference when you begin working in the medical billing and coding field. While your training teaches you the information you need to know for this career, job shadowing allows you to apply it to real world experiences. If you are interested in gaining experience and more information about medical billing and coding, becoming an assistant in a job shadowing position may be a great opportunity.

Operating Your Own Medical Billing and Coding Business

Many medical billing and coding professionals own their own businesses and have the convenience of working at home. Some of these specialists work for companies, while other work for themselves. Shadowing a professional at home can help you if you plan start your own business as well. Some of the information you may learn includes:

  • How to communicate effectively and professionally – Medical billing and coding specialists that work at home spend a good amount of time on the phone, working with doctors, insurance companies, and patients. Their tone must always be professional and helpful.
  • How to properly use the tools of the trade – While you may have seen them in the classroom and read about how to use them, actually using the equipment for medical billing and coding is much easier if you have some hands-on experience. You may learn how to use a computer, special telephones, different software, and Electronic Medical Records (EMR).
  • Organization, multitasking, and everything that keeps your business running smoothly -It is easy to think that you have all the time in the world to complete your work when you do it from home, but this is not the case. In order to earn a paycheck and keep your clients, you need to perform your work quickly and efficiently. You also need to be available for any concerns or questions that your client, the insurance company, or the patient may have.
  • How to attract and maintain your clients – These clients could include doctor’s offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and many other health care facilities.

Benefits of Being a Medical Billing and Coding Assistant (or Job Shadowing)

There are also certain benefits to taking the time after medical billing and coding training to become an assistant instead of launching yourself directly into the health field. While you may not make any money through job shadowing, you will be gaining a lot of experience, and this is important if you want to obtain a good job in the future. Most medical billing and coding companies are hesitant to hire any employees, even those with training, who have no experience at all. Hiring on these individuals means that the company will have spend extra time and money while the new employees become adjusted.

The majority of the time, it is recommended that students take on an assistant position job shadowing for at least six months. This work may not have to be full time, but even a part time position will look better on a resume than none at all. Not spending at least six months job shadowing a work at home medical billing and coding professional could mean a lower paying job or no job at all. If you begin a new job without experience, you also risk making big mistakes that can cost both you and your clients.

Job shadowing after medical billing and coding training may play a key role in determining what type of employment you are qualified for, and what your starting salary will be. Taking the time to complete at least six months of assisting will help ensure a solid foundation in medical billing and coding.

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