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Job Seeking Strategies for the Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

medical billing and codingOkay, so your medical billing and coding training is complete. You’ve been searching for a job but seem to be in a catch 22 situation. You know you’ve got what it takes, but you are lacking in experience. Doctors are leery of hiring you for that very reason. How are you supposed to convince potential clients that you are the one that can handle their medical billing and coding needs? We’ve got some solid advice for you.

Success Begins with Your Medical Billing and Coding Training

First, take every piece of the hiring process seriously. If you are still in training, excel in your class work. If you’ve already graduated, go ahead and approach your instructor for a letter of reference, which can look very good to your new potential employer. Let’s say you had perfect attendance, went above and beyond in class and finished with shining test scores. A letter of recommendation stating these things proves that you are dedicated and committed. Anything that will show your character and the fact that you are enthusiastic about your new career will help.

How About an Internship?

If you can’t secure a paying position, what about offering yourself in an intern position? Start with any position available. All you have to do is get your foot in the door and you’ll be able to let your positive attitude, team effort, and your knowledge from your medical billing and coding training shine. If you can get in as an intern, you’ll have time to prove yourself and that’s all it should take. Worst case scenario, even if you don’t end up with a permanent medical billing and coding position with that particular doctor, you’ll have the all important experience needed for your resume.

Advertise Your Medical Billing and Coding Skills

Make use of social networking to become friends with local doctor’s offices, physicians, specialists, and hospital staff. Put yourself out there in a very positive way. Be sure to remain professional on social networking sites. You may want a separate account for personal and business use.

Start a simple business blog to advertise your current skills and continue to add articles and posts speaking as an authority in the field. You’ll gain credibility and may land a work from home position.

Apply Online

There are numerous online resources that can secure jobs for medical billing and coding specialists.

  • Amphion Medical Solutions
    This online company helps to employ both part and full time medical coders and transcriptionists. Geared toward those who work from home, they have excellent benefits and offer online testing to help assess your present skill level.

Do the Necessary Leg Work

Securing your first position as a medical billing and coding specialist may take some time, but if you continue to build your skills, learn new things in the industry, continue with your education, and remain positive, you’ll get the clients. Once you start the ball rolling and have a couple of clients under your belt, the rest will fall into place naturally. Pretty soon you’ll have more work than you know what to do with, and as a medical billing and coding specialist, that’s a good thing!

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