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Keys to Passing Your Medical Coding Exam

medical coding examIf you are quickly approaching the day of your medical coding exam, you may be experiencing a bit of apprehension. That can be expected, regardless of how prepared you are. Exams generally bring with them feelings of stress and anxiety. In order to earn your certification as a professional medical coder, (CPC) you are going to have to push past your fears and pass the American Academy of Professional Coders approved medical coding certification exam.

Here are a number of resources and review ideas that will boost your confidence and ensure that you are well prepared to ace your medical coding exam. This is the final step that stands between you and your new, rewarding career as a medical coding professional. By using our tips, you’ll have exam day successfully behind you in no time.

Preparation is Key for Acing Your Medical Coding Exam

We are living in the age of information, so by all means, take advantage of it! With all of the medical and health care resources available online, you have everything you need to help you prepare for your medical coding exam.

Once excellent preparation source is Ritecode.com. Designed especially for medical coders, this site is packed full of information, practice exams, and study helps. Taking practice tests is always advisable as it proves your own skills and retention level to yourself and helps build confidence. When you feel calm and confident, you will be likely to score better on your exam.

Strength in Numbers

Accountability partners work very well to help you achieve any goal in life, studying included. Pool your resources and start a study group with some of the other students that are taking the same medical coding class. If you can’t form a group out of current medical coding students, join a study group or forum online.

Together you can practice identifying and memorizing codes, go over coding clinic notes, and determine which areas you need more help with.

Old School Review Methods

The most proven way to study, especially when memorization is involved, is still the old fashioned method of flash cards. You can find these online or purchase some index cards to create your own. While you are creating your medical coding flashcards, be sure to say the codes out loud. According to psychologists and memorization specialists, speaking, writing, and hearing all work together for optimum memorization.

Flashcards can be created for medical codes, medical terminology, reimbursement methods, HIPPAA key concepts, and medical coding and reporting guidelines. Don’t try to tackle all of these medical coding topics at once. Divide your study periods into particular topics. This will help you to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

What Are You Up Against? The Specs on Your Medical Coding Exam

Your CPC exam will be divided into two parts and consist of 150 total questions. The questions are all multiple choice. The first section of the medical coding exam is devoted to Medical Coding Concepts, which includes anatomy, medical terminology, and ICD-9-CM and HCPCS Level 2 coding concepts.

The second portion of the exam is devoted to Reimbursement Methodology and includes inpatient and outpatient payment systems, health insurance, and physician reimbursement.

You’ll need to schedule your medical coding exam by contacting your local AAPC chapter.

We hope these tips and resources have helped you as you reach the final stages before beginning your rewarding career as a medical billing and coding specialist.

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