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Love Medicine, But Not Dealing Directly with Sick People? Medical Billing And Coding is Your Answer

If you are looking to get into the medical field somehow, but you don’t want to work toward a career as  a Doctor or a nurse, or even anyone who provides direct patient care, don’t worry, there’s an option for you. Medical billing and coding is a part of the health care industry that is growing at a rapid rate. Most likely, there is a medical billing and coding class starting near you. Here is some information to help you decide.

Just what is medical billing and coding? Simply put this job description can be broken down into two different areas.

Here’s some insight into the world of medical billing and coding.

Medical Coding:

This is the method by which the procedures that medical personnel perform are categorized, so they become categorized into code that insurance companies will recognize and pay for. This is very important, because without this, insurance companies will not provide payment for the work that the practitioner has done.

The process of “coding” a medical procedure has many aspects to it, and is thought to be somewhat complex, but very interesting.  Intelligent and accurate medical coders are highly sought after staff members in many niches of the medical field, from private practices all the way up to large corporate medical entities. Your medical billing and coding class will train you in all aspects of medical coding.

Medical Billing:

This is the slightly different process of essentially inputting those procedural codes together into a claim and then into a program, or onto a series of forms for payment submission, and then monitoring the claims that are paid. Sometimes  troubleshooting is involved on certain claims that do aren’t paid for whatever reason. Qualified and properly trained, attentive medical billing specialists are often nicely compensated for their expertise in this area. Some can even negotiate to earn an overall percentage of the gross revenue billed through a practice, which can work out to be a nice income. Your medical billing and coding class will prepare you for most possible scenarios you will encounter with insurance companies.

Medical billing and coding are often lumped together by the industry, by medical training courses, and in genera.  The truth is, that even though it is beneficial to have both medical billing and medical coding skills, it is not necessary to do so. You also do not need to be officially certified in medical billing and coding, though the combination medical billing and coding class offers a blanket certification, and adequate training in a relatively short time.

Medical Billing and Coding Training Options

One of the interesting things about the huge growth of this part of the health care industry is that since many schools are offering classes to teach this increasingly vital skill set, many of these career certification programs are eligible for federal financial aid programs such as the Pell Grant. This help from the government, if applied correctly can lessen or eliminate the financial burden of entering your new career as a medical billing and coding specialist. In many cases, looking into such channels to help your education, can lead to what essentially amounts to free medical billing and coding training.

If you’re still interested in this unique sector of health care, stay tuned to this blog. In the future we’ll be discussing, in even more detail, how you can basically become a medical billing and coding specialist  for free.

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