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Medical Billing and Coding Certification: Why Choose AAPC?

There are a variety of training options available to individuals wishing to earn their medical billing and coding certification. One of these options is through training provided by the AAPC.

What are the advantages of Medical Billing and Coding Certification through The AAPC?

The AAPC is a worldwide organization with over 100,000 members. They are committed to providing quality education for the business side of the medical profession. Founded in 1988, the AAPC offers certification to medical coders, continuing education programs, job opportunities, and networking.

The AAPC’s certifications prove to employers a desire to excel, and medical billing and coding specialists who have successfully completed AAPC’s program are capable of earning 20% more than non-credentialed coders.

The AAPC offers medical billing and coding classes as two separate programs. The training structure is outlined below:

Medical Billing Program

The medical billing program provides the latest information relating to third party billing and Medicare. Students will have a thorough understanding of health insurance, claim submission, and the different reimbursement methods for current claim submissions. Upon completion of the course, the student will possess the necessary skills to work efficiently in a medical billing department at a medical clinic, physician’s office, a hospital billing department, or as an independent medical billing specialist.

This course takes approximately four months to complete and awards a certificate of completion. This course does not teach in depth medical coding, nor will it prepare students who need to take their CPC exam. Instead, it is meant to be taken along with the Medical Coding Certification Program in order to prepare the student for every aspect of a career in medical billing and coding.

Medical Coding Certification Offered Through AAPC

The AAPC’s Certified Professional Coder credentials are nationally recognized by the government as well as the health care industry. By successfully completing the AAPC course, you can be assured that you will have a broad and encompassing expertise in all areas of medical coding.

Even if you have received training with another medical billing and coding class, you can still take the CPC examination in order to validate your skills on a national level.

Receiving your CPC certification will allow you to branch out into fields that may not have been open to you without the proper credentials. With your Certified Professional Coding Certification, you will be able to find employment with the following:

  • Health system associated physicians medical group
  • Medical office
  • Home health agency
  • Private physician billing service
  • Outpatient emergency center
  • Ambulatory surgery center
  • Educator, legal counsel, or consultant seeking proof of credentials to demonstrate your excellence in medical coding
  • Office manager or supervisor in a medical billing department of any health care facility

Because of the proficiency in the field that a CPC has proven, a wide variety of opportunities become available. If you are a CPC and are actively employed as a medical billing and coding specialist, please share your insights and comments with our readers.

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