Medical Billing and Coding: CodeitRight Online Curriculum Review

medical billing and codingMedical billing and coding is a lucrative career that gives a person a chance to open their own small business.  Providing medical billing and coding services to local medical centers requires a person to have proper certification.  Before becoming a certified medical billing and coding specialist, an individual must complete a training course offered through a continuing education program. How does the CodeitRight online curriculum stack up? Here’s a review.

CodeitRight offers an online curriculum that will prepare a person for a career in medical billing and coding.  The completely web-based curriculum teaches those with no prior medical experience how to understand ICD coding, and correctly bill for medical procedures that were performed by the medical billing and coding specialist’s clients. Incorrectly interpreting medical coding may lead to an insurance company refusing to cover the cost of a procedure.

International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems

CodeitRight provides complete descriptions of ICD-9 and ICD-10 code sets.  The ICD-10 code changes will go into effect in 2013, and CodeitRight is working to prepare medical billing and coding specialists for the change.  In addition to the long descriptions, CodeitRight breaks down the codes into easy to understand descriptions.

Medical Billing and Coding with Medicare and Medicaid

CodeitRight explains how Medicare and Medicaid payments should be handled during the billing process.  The tools offered through CodeitRight make it easy for medical coding and billing specialists to make sure they are able to comply with the latest guidelines.  Additional support is offered to those coding and billing specialists who are having a difficult time transitioning to the new Medicare and Medicaid billing policies.

Personalization & Customization for Medical Billing and Coding

Many medical billers and coders have established a system that helps them get work done quickly.  CodeitRight makes customization easy meaning you will not have to rebuild the system you’ve grown accustomed too.  The online tools offered to those benefiting from the CodeitRight online curriculum allow users to take notes, save their searches, and keep track of fees.

Training and Tools

Students who use CodeitRight Online benefit in two ways.  They are able to benefit from training with advanced tools, and use those tools once they begin their new career.  Training to become a medical coder and biller using CodeitRight allows a student to benefit from a system that updates in realtime so that they are always complying with the latest state and federal laws.  After training is complete, CodeitRight can be used for billing and coding in the future.

The software used by CodeitRight well help medical billing and coding specialists remain current in a highly competitive field.  The CodeitRight course is short, lasting approximately two months and it is completely web based.  An online curriculum makes it easier for those considering entering the medical billing and coding field to continue working while they complete their courses.

User-friendly and easy to grow accustomed to, CodeitRight provides a long-term solution to nearly all of your professional billing and coding needs. The ability to create personal and professional notes will make it easier to manage your medical billing and coding career after you have completed your education.

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