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Medical Billing and Coding Resources

As a medical billing and coding professional, it’s important to stay on top of your career. An excellent way to do so is by keeping up to date with changes in the medical billing and coding industry, as well as the health care field as a whole.

By using the following resources, you’ll have access to news, training, and a variety of medical billing and coding resources to help make you a more valuable asset to your career. Whether you are just starting out as a medical billing and coding professional, or have been working in the industry for years, these resources will keep you on the right course.

Top Medical Billing and Coding Resources

  • Just Coding: An interesting and entertaining way to keep informed on everything from continuing education credits and coding news to coding management information. Complete with practice exams, articles, blog articles, and more.
  • Ritecode.com: An excellent training resource site, which includes a free online medical abbreviation database, a medical coding overview, free coding quizzes, and links to continuing education courses, a certification preparation course, and more.
  • Medicare Fee Schedules: A complete list of fees and fee maximums used by Medicare to reimburse doctors or other healthcare providers or suppliers.
  • Medical Billing and Coding.org: An online database of codes used to classify injuries and diseases. All ICD-9 codes, listed by category.
  • Medical Billing and Coding Schools: A comprehensive list of approved and accredited medical billing and coding schools, listed conveniently by state.
  • American Medical Billing Association: Providing industry and regulatory education, networking among peers to share information and ideas, the ability for professionals to market their skills and services, continuing education opportunities, research and industry updates, online training courses, annual conference information, a unique medical billing business startup program to assist new medical billers gain independence and start their career, and a medical billing bookstore. An excellent storehouse of medical billing information and opportunities.
  • American Academy of Professional Coders: Packed with professional medical coding workshops, certification information, exam preparation for the medical coder, current coding books, job opportunities, networking, industry news, interactive webinars, and forum discussions. A highly interactive and useful site.
  • American Health Information Management Association: Excellent resource for medical billers and coders who are extremely forward thinking and proactive about their career. This site is dedicated to building industry leaders. It is highly motivational as well as educational. With over 600,000 members and a history that dates back to 1928, this is a top notch organization.

Whichever association you decide to join or resource you choose, be sure to continue to stay active in your associations and keep networking with other professionals who are leaders in their medical careers. In order to succeed in your medical billing and coding career, you need to surround yourself with positive, motivated professionals, as well as quality information. Get involved, get motivated, and stay on top of your medical billing and coding career.

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