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Need Some Study Tips for Your Medical Billing and Coding Test?

medical billing and codingIf you are currently taking a medical billing and coding course, or have recently been checking into your options, we’ve got some simple information that will give you a winning edge. First of all, the information you’ll be studying is extensive and it involves plenty of memorization. There are abbreviations and codes for procedures and most of the information is going to be new toy you. So, how can you get the winning edge and prepare for the exam?

Acing Your Medical Billing and Coding Exam

It’s simpler than you think! Use flash cards. A website called flashcarddb.com is an absolute storehouse of information and will provide you with all of the medical billing and coding flashcards you need without having to make them yourself. Simply print them out, or just use them online, whichever works for you.

Another bonus is the fact that you can view the flashcards right from your iPhone, iTouch, or Smartphone, and basically study during spare time instead of taking long periods to try to absorb all of the medical billing and coding information you’ll be required to know.

You can also look up specific topics on the site, which can target specific categories that you may be weak in. Some of the category breakdowns include the following:

Basic Anatomy and Physiology for Medical Billing and Coding

  • Anatomy codes
  • Skeletal codes
  • Healthcare terminology
  • Common medical terminology
  • Diseases
  • Fundamentals of Billing and Coding
  • Nursing Mnemonics
  • Physical Assessment


Another bonus? There are constantly new flash cards being added to the system because it’s user created. That means that when the big switchover comes up in 2013, you’ll be ready.

Worried about incorrect cards? That’s covered as well. Any card that is discovered by another web user that is voted as being incorrect gets removed.

It’s also been proven that using flashcards is one of the best ways to learn, for children or adults. The site is currently free of charge and highly recommended by other users who have used the medical billing and coding cards to improve their test scores.

There’s also a section where you can see what flashcard sets are the most popular by other creators and users. For the medical billing and coding student who doesn’t have a lot of time to create their own flashcards but would like the benefits of using them, this is a real lifesaver.

Flashcards can be viewed in several ways. They can be viewed with front and back at the same time, or can be flipped just like a regular flashcard. Suggestion? Look at the flash cards front and back simultaneously the first couple of rounds, so you can absorb the information. Then switch over to front view only to test your skills.

Medical billing and coding flashcards are offered in sets on other websites for a fee of between $20 and even as high as $50. This completely free website not only includes the hard to memorize billing codes, but basic questions you are likely to see on your medical billing and coding test as well.

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