Prospecting for Clients after Your Medical Billing and Coding Training

medical billing and coding trainingMaking it through the medical billing and coding training program equals success. That is, until you start looking for clients and everyone wants references or work experience where you have none. The Healthcare Billing and Management Association reports that a minimum one-third of all medical facilities hire an outside company or independent professional to handle their billing needs. This is where your training can step in and assist your local physicians. The objective, like any other independent business owner, is to get your foot in the door. So, how do you get prospective clients to take you seriously before you actually have experience under your belt?

Life After Medical Billing and Coding Training

98% of the medical community will not place their trust in a complete stranger with the tasks of billing their patients. The wrong codes being input into the system or the decimal in the wrong place can result in serious issues for doctors, hospitals, clinics and patients. Would you trust someone without references to handle business issues where errors can result in hefty fines, government audits and even being underpaid? Also, keep in mind that medical information is confidential. Here’s how to overcome client doubts and land your first paying gig after medical billing and coding training.

  • Face-to-face mingling- Attend medical conferences locally and regionally if possible. Hand out business cards, discuss billing issues that they may be concerned with and even offer solutions to let them know you are a professional.
  • Personal contacts. If you have a physician that you have known for years, approach them about their billing system. Building on an existing dialogue is perfectly acceptable. If they are completely dedicated to the outside billing company they use or have and in-house person then ask if they would recommend you to another physician or clinic.
  • Make friends with and pass along business cards to physician recruiters at area hospitals and clinics. They will know the new doctors in the area and who is looking to find an outside source for billing. Establishing a business relationship with them might make them willing to pass along your information.

Be a Part of the Club

Medical billing and coding training puts you in the same league as other medical professionals in regards to local medical societies and/or medical professional associations that require memberships. Start joining in order to make lasting contacts that will aid in connecting your name and certified medical billing and coding training accomplishments to clinics and physicians that need your services. It can’t be said enough, people hire who they know or who their friends know.

Display Your Medical Billing and Coding Expertise

If you have to work your regular full-time job while trying to build a cliental for your business then a more unconventional route may be necessary. So break out the phone and start cold-calling and set up a website or blog to display your extensive knowledge received from your medical billing and coding training. Both of these accomplish getting your name in front of potential clients as well as showing off the fact that you understand the laws and regulations that are continually changing. Utilize both of these methods by:

  • Cold calling: This isn’t about getting them to hire you. Calling involves finding out if they have a need for a new billing company, getting your name in their hands and asking them what would make their billing and coding process go more smoothly. You want to know what problems or concerns so you can apply that to your business.
  • Website/blogging: Write about what you know, about recent changes in laws, compliance rules and regulations. Write how you understand their problems and how you can help. Be specific. Put your web address on your business cards.

Follow the advice given above and you’ll be well on your way to earning a living in your new career after medical billing and coding training.

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