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Tips for Memorizing the Medical Coding Terms for Your Exam

Due to the state of the economy many people have lost their jobs and are finding it difficult to locate another one. What’s a person to do? If you are having trouble in your current industry, you may want to consider a career change. Job opportunities in the field of medicine continue to rise. Medical care will always be a necessity, therefore job stability is solid.  More and more people are learning about the benefits associated with working in the medical field and seeking out medical billing and coding training.

Medical billing and coding does involve some memorization skills. The coding end of it is almost like learning a new language. Here are some tips to help medical billing and coding students increase their chances of passing the memorization part of their exams.

Never Study When You Are Tired or Hungry

While many students are tempted to study through meal times or before they go to bed at night, this may not be the best route to take. If you study when you are tired or hungry, you are often distracted, even if you don’t realize it.  Therefore, you are not likely getting the most out of your studies.

Always try to do the majority of your medical billing and coding studies when fully rested and alert. It is also more productive to study directly after eating a well balanced meal.  Think healthy. Eat whole grains, lean meats and fresh vegetables. You’ll be surprised at how much more you will retain.

Memorize the Meanings of the Most Commonly Used Word Parts

Most medical terminology contains three different parts:  prefixes, core words, and suffixes.  You’ll  find that memorizing the meanings of the most commonly used prefixes, core words, and suffixes first will help you greatly.  By learning and memorizing word parts, you’ll actually decrease the total amount of memorization that is required.

Use Flash Cards and Repetition to Assist With Memorization

Sounds like grade school, but flash cards are a huge help when trying to memorize vital information.  Flash cards are simple to create and can be made from standard sized index cards.  By printing the word parts or medical codes on one side, and their meanings on the other, you can easily test yourself over and over again.  It is a proven fact that repetition is a very important tool when it comes to any type of memorization. This is especially true when studying to become a medical billing and coding specialist.

Study Frequently but in Short Spurts

You may be tempted to study day and night during your medical billing and coding training.  Many individuals have the false assumption that the longer they study, the better chance they have at passing. This is simply not true. Studies have shown that it is way more effective to study frequently, but not constantly. If your brain is constantly at work, frustration can set in, and the information is less likely to be retained.

There are many benefits associated with a career as a medical billing and coding specialist. By following the tips provided above, passing the certification test should be a lot easier to accomplish. Here’s to your success!

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