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Top 5 Reasons to Start Your Career as a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Becoming a Medical Billing and Coding Specialist has become a hot career choice. Aside from the fact that you are able to work in the promising and stable field of medicine, the knowledge and skills acquired from Medical Billing and Coding training provides a number of advantages.

  1. The Freedom to Work From Home – Of course, this isn’t for everyone. But if you are a disciplined individual with an entrepreneurial mindset, becoming a certified medical billing and coding specialist can open doors of opportunity that you never thought possible. Are you a single mom who desires to be home when your children arrive from school? Working from the convenience of your home office as a medical coding and billing specialist can provide you with the ability to do so. If you are thinking of working from home, be sure to check your city’s zoning regulations and find out what type of business license you will need. After that, it’s just a matter of making some contacts with physicians and insurance providers who would rather outsource their billing to you instead of having a billing specialist working hourly from their office. More and more physicians are choosing to outsource to private medical billing and coding specialists and once you make a name for yourself, work will be easy to find.
  2. Get Your Education Online – Often, individuals who are interested in switching career paths are unable to do so because they can’t afford to quit the job they currently have in order to attend a college or other type of training center. This doesn’t have to be a roadblock for those wanting to become medical billing and coding specialists. There are numerous classes available online, many which allow you to work at your own pace. You won’t have to quit your current job in order to pursue your new career.
  3. Start Your New Career in Less Than a Year – Making the decision to change career paths often seems unreasonable when the new degree requires years of training. Not so with medical billing and coding training. From start to finish, the training can take as little as 2-3 months, depending on the school you choose. Some schools offer 2-4 year degree programs, but you can always opt for the quicker route and continue your education once you have entered the field.
  4. Provide a Service in a Stable Industry – Let’s face it, many choose to enter the field of medicine simply because they realize their jobs won’t be phased out or become obsolete. Choosing to become a medical billing and coding specialist offers a certain degree of job security that is hard to come by in today’s economy.
  5. The Best of Both Worlds – To some, choosing a career in the health care field seems too stressful to deal with. It does take a certain type of personality to meet the responsibility level involved in caring for patients and meeting their needs. By choosing a career as a medical coding and billing specialist, you’ll essentially have the best of both worlds. You will have a respected job in the health care industry, without the physical and emotional demands often involved in caring for patients.

If you are searching for a new career that you can begin quickly and have the option to work independently, becoming a medical coding and billing specialist may be a perfect fit for you. Check our other articles to learn more about the requirements and duties involved in this rewarding field.

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